Conquering 2017: Training, Nutrition, and Everything Health and Fitness in Chichester

With 2016 over, and 2017 stepping through the door, I’m sure many of you are re-considering New Year’s resolutions; promising to do more of ‘X’ and less of ‘Y’. Before I jump into any new goals, I like to take the time to review my year, and learn from all those personal training experiments I carried out; so that I am that little more prepared for the year ahead. These personal training “experiments” I carry out in Chichester provide valuable learning experiences; so long as I take the time to see the mistakes and adjust accordingly. So what did I take away from 2016?


  • Your Estimate Is Way Off. Spending a few months tinkering with bodyweight I came to the realisation that I was drastically under-estimating what was on my plate. If the scales aren’t budging the way they want them to, then you better start measuring.


  • Low Means Low. Aerobic work, done at approx. 125-150bpm, has huge benefits for overall health (as I detail in this post; but you’d be surprised just how slow you have to go. Trying to beat my 5km time around Chichester town centre yielded no results. The answer; swallow that pride and need to beat yourself into the ground every time you train, and go slow.


  • Keep It Simple, Stupid. The big basics work. At the end of the week ask yourself; did you left something heavy, do something that got you out of breath, and eat your greens. The latest fitness fad is just around the corner for 2017, a healthy scepticism is your best defense.


  • Invest in Social Support. There is no doubt in my mind that some of the most rewarding, intense and fun training sessions have been completed with a training or two. I wish I had started training in this fashion earlier! Small group training is on the rise, and it’s no surprise when you can workout with a friend/family member (


  • Montezuma’s Chocolate Buttons Fit Any Diet. I ate a lot of chocolate buttons in 2016, and I plan to somehow squeeze even more into 2017. Don’t eliminate your own must-have food, make it work for you and fit into your week! Side note: if you haven’t tried them yet, get to Chichester ASAP!


  • Invest in Education. If you are unsure about an aspect of health and fitness; invest! Hire a coach to teach you technique, buy an e-book to help with food choices, and purchase training sessions with a personal trainer to learn new movements and unlock your potential. With all the material coming out in 2017, I intend to invest.


  • Find That 1% More to Give. Venturing into some of the more well known Crossfit workouts led me to realise I can always give 1% more. Murph made my legs cry, and ‘DT’ stopped me from closing my hands for what felt like a week afterwards; but the reward of knowing you gave something your all is an incredible feeling. Don’t do these crazy challenges all the time, but when you do, give that 1% more.


  • Admit When You Need Help. 2016 saw my first attempt at constructing a website and utilising social media. Posts included training and food tips, and some footage of chocolate. A few hours of picking a theme, and several temper tantrums later I turned to my girlfriend for some help. Deadlifting seems so simple, HTML and SEO descriptions not so much. I should have asked for help sooner, and admitted when I was lost. Don’t make the same mistake I did: find someone smarter! Learning guitar? Get a tutor. Want to pass your driving test? Get an instructor. Need your technique clearing up? Invest in a personal trainer.


  • Warm Up. Rugby games for Chichester, training and general life all took it’s toll. What was I missing out? The answer was simple; take the time to warm up. Here’s a quick easy guide on how to structure yours .


  • Get Those Greens In. This is entirely anecdotal, and I have zero statistics to back it up; but I noticed a significant improvement in general health when I bumped up the greens. Due to poor preparation and over-reliance on snacks, I found my daily intake of all things green and leafy down. After a few minor colds and generally feeling rubbish I took on board a new habit of cramming several bags of spinach into my daily eating. Weeks down the line my energy was up, my focus improved, and thus my training progressed. I don’t think this was caused just by eating spinach (despite what Popeye would have us believe), but I do think it helped – so don’t skip those veggies!


  • Time Off is Not Time Lost. REST DAYS! The dreaded day(s) of the week where we spend a day out of the gym and feel like we lose all our hard-earned progress. If, like me, you feel frustrated when taking time away from the gym then you are probably just as guilty as me when it comes to holidays and illnesses; and you spend hours worrying about how much you will waste away. The truth is that we are only human and need rest and recovery to improve. A few days off will have zero negative impact; and if you train hard will probably be of benefit; you’ll return to the gym more motivated to train!


  • Small Steps to Success. Take the time to implement small changes over time, as opposed to overhauling everything during one week. My attempt to get up at 6am every day of the week ended swiftly, I should have started with 6:50 instead! If you rarely eat vegetables, it’s much more reasonable to try eat them once a day than 5 times per day in the onset. Haven’t lifted weights before? Don’t do it every day next week, just go once. Small changes will become habits, and before you realise it you’ll be doing them without even thinking!


My 2016 was filled with mistakes, those were just a few, as was 2015. I’m certain there are plenty more waiting for me in 2017; I look forward to learning from them. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 was full of success too, but let’s be honest, we watch You’ve Been Framed to see everyone slip up and fall over, not to see them stick the landing!

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