Personal Training Chichester: How to Beat Those Training Blues

Bored of your personal training program? Tired of having to drag yourself to the gym? Regularly make excuses to put off that Chichester Park Run until next week? You aren’t alone.

Training is an investment, nobody sees instant results, and there is no magic pill (despite what many would have you believe). Often times motivation can drop due to the time it takes to see results from your effort and investment.

We can really only invest two things in our life; time and money. We invest our money every day. You may invest an amount of money into a small business, so that in years to come you can reap the rewards of it’s success. You may purchase a new car so that you can avoid the worry of it breaking down as frequently as your recent second-hand vehicle did. And you take out a mortgage because you know that in years to come, with a lick of paint and some elbow grease, that house will be worth much more.

Our investment in time is no different; but sometimes the results are less easily measured. You can put a solid number to the value of your house, car and business; but how do we measure our investments of time with such absolute certainty. When it comes to the time we spend exercising, the truth is that it’s not that obvious; and for many that can be a big factor when it comes to deciding whether to exercise or not.

The Spirulina Dilemma

I recently came across a tweet that lead me to an article on the benefits of the supplement Spirulina. Spirulina has been shown to have hugely positive effects (courtesy of with:

  • neurological disorders
  • brain function
  • immune system function
  • metabolic issues
  • arthritis
  • organ health
  • heart & cardiovascular health

The list is seemingly endless. And the research continues. There is just one problem.

Image result for spirulina yuck

Spirulina tastes like someone took a scoop of dirt out of your local farm field and blended it into a powder.

I am yet to find a way to consume it that does not taste awful. Popped into my local Holland & Barrett in Chichester to try some … WOW. I emptied a whole container of Splenda once to no effect. But if you can get past a short window of displeasure, just a few minutes until the taste dies away, the rewards you reap will be greatly felt. And in a way, for many of us, this is just like exercise.

Exercise & Spirulina

So I’ll ask again. Tired/bored/exhausted/insert your reason of the gym? I get it. We all know the benefits. We all know that inactivity is a leading cause of mortality; and how much better we would feel a few pounds lighter, a little stronger, and a little fitter. And I know that you know that too (this is starting to sound like that Friends episode). And I also want you to know it’s ok to not enjoy exercise; that most people do not get thrilled at the thought of another workout or personal training session.


I also know how beneficial Spirulina is, doesn’t mean I enjoy drinking it. But I get through it by taking my mind off how bad the taste is, I add a dash of lemon here, some mango there. Once I even blended it with melted chocolate (don’t give me that look you’d try it too!). Although the bad taste never really went away, it became bearable, and a habit was built up, and I built a resiliency. Pretty soon something weird happened, I found myself looking forward to my morning blend of “greens”. Now I have a different perspective on Spirulina. When I finish that glass of greenish-brown muck I feel triumphant. If nothing else good happens that day, I know I have conquered that first task (I don’t even bother to add sweetener anymore).

You too can conquer your dislike of training, by adding in a dash of something else to your workout so that over time you too can enjoy your personal training sessions. Here are just a few suggestions…

Distract Yourself

Books are a wonderful way to escape from the world. Fiction, non-fiction, new or old it does not matter; diving into a good book may be one of your favourite past times; so use that to your advantage! Many pieces of gym equipment require little concentration, stationery bikes, cross trainers, skipping ellipticals; so set yourself a reasonable pace, prop your water bottle up near to hand, and open to the nearest page.

I try to burn at least 500 calories a week while reading, and with the ease of access to that kind of data on most equipment, you too can  do the same. Let yourself get carried away in a good book, and before you know it you’ll have smashed through target. 500 calories a week is 2,000 calories a month; which is effectively a whole day of eating, break it up into 3-5 sessions per week and you’ll laugh at how quickly it flew by.


Apply common sense here; riding on the road and reading a book are two actions that should never be combined. And you’ll have a hard time turning the pages while on a rowing machine doing this.

Make Learning the Priority

With the abundance of information available to us, there’s no excuse not to be learning! Audio books and podcasts are incredibly cheap and accessible, and provide us with a wealth of knowledge in almost any field. So grab yourself a pair of headphones, get searching online, and download a podcast on a subject important to you. It could be on just about anything; family, health, business, the latest chocolate technology innovations.

Focus on the lessons that the presenters apply and recommend, consider how you can improve upon your processes, and when you get home write them down. If you are an audible learner (as opposed to visual/kinaesthetic etc), then even more reason. Share this tip with the family; plenty of audio books on A levels and GCSEs at your fingertips. Before you know it you’ll have covered quite a distance, and more importantly covered that awkward chapter on business marketing from a free podcast!

Get Sociable

With the surge on “social fitness”, it’s time we all learnt a lesson from routines/enterprises like Crossfit, spinning and bootcamp classes. Taking a friend or family member along to the gym and training alongside them will undoubtedly lighten the mood. Compete with them; see who can do an extra push-up, or complete 1km on the rower faster. Motivate each other, and commit to the training session. Being accountable to another training partner will reduce the chances of you cutting a workout short, and will make it very difficult to avoid going altogether (no way you’re going to let your friend suffer that 6am Zumba class by themselves).

Learn how to perform the movements with a coach or personal trainer, and then have some fun in a group setting. Go for that Sunday run with a family member, or head down to nearest community events (there’s a Park Run outside our Chichester-based gym nearly every weekend) and join the crowds!

Head on over to a previous blog post about the benefits of small group training for further info (the title is misleading).

Set Yourself a Challenge

This runs alongside the previous recommendation of “get sociable”; as it pertains to the benefits of a training community. Setting yourself and a friend/training partner with a challenge to complete will help to tap into that inner competitive spirit I believe resides in all of us. The sort of competitive spirit that results in broken pens and smashed whiteboards over Christmas Pictionary. If you have access to traditional “cardio” machines, setting up a distance to complete as fast as possible and keeping a record will encourage you to beat your previous best when you re-test it. If you have a hill nearby, see who out of your friendship group can run up it fastest (then try to beat them next time). These don’t have to be done every day of every week, but sprinkled in alongside sensible and specific personal training can keep motivation high.


At the gym we have just started running a 500m Watt Bike competition right now to see who can gut it out for a best-time prize. These simple training challenges drive us to compete against ourselves and others. Given the opportunity, you may just surprise yourself.

So there you have it:

  • Distract
  • Learn
  • Compete
  • Socialise

Throw these twists into your training sessions, and you may find both your enjoyment and your fitness shoots up!

Want to learn more about the best way to train to meet your goals? Need a structured training regimen to keep you accountable? Get in touch with Davies Training today, Chichester based personal trainer with experience coaching all levels and abilities. Whether your goal is to shed those Christmas pounds, or put on some muscle (or anything in between), we can help you.

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