About Me

Getting people more confident and stronger in the gym is what I do best.

I get it, the gym can be an intimidating environment. Loud music and chalk flying everywhere, and who even knows what that machine in the corner is meant to be used for?

That’s where I come in. Whether it’s coaching you through perfect exercise execution, designing a structured training program, or mapping out where the holes are in your diet, I am here to help YOU.

My clients have gone on to achieve single digit body-fat percentage, deadlift over 2x bodyweight, and play National League rugby, not to mention conquer a few “Tough Mudders”. I have worked with all ages and all experience levels.

So if a stronger, leaner body is what you are looking for, then get in touch today so we can have a chat about how best I can help you achieve your personal training goals.

Chichester-based personal training, and online coaching, working out of the state-of-the-art strength training facility, Elitas Fitness Oaklands. My previous experience profile-pic-aaron-480x360travelling, training and studying at world-renowned facilities (such as Defranco’s gym in New Jersey), combined with my extensive experience working with National League level athletes, has naturally led me to my current role as a Physical Preparation Specialist.




p1000333Qualifications include

  • Higher Diploma in Sports Coaching Science
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction
  • Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Circuits
  • Level 1 Certificate in Rugby Coaching