Are You A Complete Athlete?

“Nice body, but what can you do with it?”

This quote has always stuck with me through my personal training.

Where am I going? Why am I doing this? What is it all for?

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5 Exercises for Abs of Steel

The Six Pack. The Holy Grail for all young men starting their weight lifting journeys. Whether they’re gracing the cover of glossy magazines, filling your social media pages, or following you around on all the clickbait ads that litter our home-page, you cannot escape the six pack. So you finally pulled your thumb out your ass, dieted down, trained hard, and finally…you’ve got abs! Read More

5 Exercises for Sleeve-Bursting Biceps

Well it finally happened. A personal training blog post dedicated to biceps.

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Fat Loss and Bigger Muscles are Side Effects

There’s more to lifting weights and personal training than just losing fat and building muscle. Sure, it’s a great side effect, and you probably want both of those to happen. But after the muscle building slows down, and you’re happy with the reading on the scales, there has to be a real reason to continue lifting weights.

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Is Stress Robbing you of Gainz?

That’s it, you’ve made your mind up; it’s about time you put on a little lean muscle tissue. Maybe you’re looking to tone up? Perhaps your shirt sleeves are just feeling a little loose? Or your rugby coach told you “hey, you’re a great player but you’re just not big enough”.

What to do next? Easy!

You train hard, and eat lots of good food.

You sink £50 on protein shakes.

The weights seem to be going up, and you feel stronger.

But for some reason the results seem to be coming on slower than you expected.

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