5 Speed Training Secrets!

Fed up of coming in last every race you compete in? Tired of not seeing those sprint times improve despite how much running you do? Curious as to how you can go from being the slowest in your team, to the fastest? Well here are a few easy-to-implement tips just for YOU! Read More

Ankles Hurting? Try This

It’s pre-season here in Chichester¬†(already), which means running… lots! And my ankles hurt. The Sun has been out in full force around Sussex, the ground feels like concrete, and I’m sure some of you are having the same trouble in your training¬†as I am.

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Have You Overlooked This Simple Fat Loss Tip?

The journey of fat loss is often times a challenging one. Perhaps you’ve cut out carbs, maybe you’ve added in cardio and upped the training intensity. But the real challenge staring you in the face is that grumbling stomach, that hungry feeling you can’t shake ever since you limited your calories. You’ve put into place everything your personal trainer instructed you to, but you start to doubt whether those last few pounds are worth being constantly starving! If you are feeling like this, then you may be missing this one simple step to help make your weight loss journey a little easier! Read More

Smart Aerobic Training – HICT. Personal Trainer Chichester

Want to be as fast, powerful and strong in the last 10 minutes of your match as you are in the first 10? Find you hit a wall 60 minutes in where no matter how hard you try your legs feel slow and lethargic? Maybe you could do with some HICT in your personal training. Read More

Starting Your Rugby Off-Season. Personal Training Chichester

It’s the end of April here in Chichester. Summer rolls around, and with it the end of competitive Rugby Union 15s. For many of you, the first week or two of the off-season is going to be filled with relaxing and avoiding any exercise that stresses those tired muscles and sore ankles (I include myself in this group). Read More