Personal Training and Services

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Personal training is the core service offered at Davies Training, based at Elitas Fitness Oaklands, Chichester. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, rehabilitate an injury, improve general health or anywhere in between, we can setup the appropriate coaching structure for you to achieve your goals. Being coached in a private setting truly allows the training to be customised to each individual; no generic workouts here! There is always something holding us back, maybe we need an expert eye to look at our form, perhaps it is our diet that needs adjusting. Learn how a personal trainer can benefit you, and get in touch now!


Small Group Training

At Davies Training we offer flexible small group training sessions for between 2-4 individuals. Training with a friend or family member always brings out a fun, competitive environment. The benefits of a reduced hourly rate per person and a semi-private setting makes this a great option for those that enjoy training with others.


Online Coaching


The latest addition to the Davies Training services that are offered; the online coaching program provides a service for those that are not local to the area, or are not in need of in-person coaching. The advantage of being able to set your own training schedule, and not having to work around the diary of a coach can be a great benefit in a busy world. Weekly check-ins provide a level of accountability and motivation to keep you training hard and smashing those goals! And all you need is an email address and an internet connection to complete the whole process. Regular video form check-ups and diet help tie the training package together to deliver the ultimate training guidance plan.


Sports Performance Training1082406_10151771001931007_255802799_n

With experience coaching athletes at National League level, and having spent times in gyms focused on sports performance, Davies Training is the ideal option for those athletes looking for a physical edge over their competition. Whether it’s power development, sprint speed or specific conditioning, Davies Training can help you reach your goals.

Get in touch today! Chichester based Personal Training service, providing personalised coaching and training for all experience levels and for any goal.

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